Wholesale Candle Making Supplies That Save You Money

Wholesale candle making supplies often seem economical only to chandlers with thriving businesses or large storage areas. Websites that advertise wholesale candle making supplies carry statements such as: “Wholesale prices available on all supplies purchased in large quantities of the same item.” The next paragraph informs you that they define a “large quantity” of wax as five hundred pounds or more. Where would you store five hundred pounds of wax – and how long would it take to use that much wax? More to the point, how could you work that cost into your tight budget?

You wish someone would offer wholesale candle making supplies in quantities that could save you money without requiring huge purchases. You wish there was a source for beginning or small scale crafts people and hobbyists.

There is such a source, and it may be closer than you think.

Wholesale candle making supplies that save you money may be as close as your neighborhood recycling bins. You may not find enough to launch a booming business as a chandler, but you may find more than you expect. Get permission to raid neighbors’ recycling bins, and you may have plenty of supplies without spending a penny.

Start with these five ideas, and you’ll soon be adding some of your own.

  1. Wax: Almost everyone has scraps of leftover wax – and wax is never actually garbage, even if you and your neighbors have been throwing it into recycling bins. Wicks of chunky pillars burn to the end, their wax centers melt away, and thick shells of outer wax are all that remain. Broken tapers, unable to stand, also find their way into recycling bins. Think of the occasions when wax stubs are left over at community weddings, funerals, and holidays. Ask neighbors, schools, churches, synagogues, and other groups. Wholesale supplies such as wax are often free for the taking.
  2. Wicks: Wholesale candle making supplies such as wicks are not as costly as wax. Nevertheless, let’s save you money. Remember those broken tapers you collected because they couldn’t be used on dinner tables? Each one has a perfectly good length of wick. Half-burnt stubs from tall wedding and funeral tapers also offer wicking, often long enough for short pillars or votives and tea lights. Pieces of cotton string can be dipped into wax and used as wicks, too. No one needs to know that your wholesale supplies almost went to a landfill.
  3. Molds: Molds are perhaps the most easily found of wholesale candle making supplies that save you money. You have to remember only two things. Molds must be able to resist wax that is as hot as 180 to 200 degrees Fahrenheit – and must be sturdy enough to support hardening wax. Use containers that held yogurt, cream cheese, or other dairy products. Cut milk cartons to a perfect mold height. Use containers such as old cups or dessert dishes – and leave your finished creations in them. Tell friends what you need, and you will likely receive many delightful molds.
  4. Fragrances: Actually, many of the wax stubs you collect will already be scented. Try to melt similar scents together – or blend scents that you think will create a fresh, new fragrance. Fragrances are not inexpensive, and a couple bottles of your favorite scents will seem like wholesale candle making supplies, since a few drops is all you need for an entire project. For unusual fragrances, try stirring a bit of curry powder or crushed herbs into your melted wax.
  5. Dyes: Your collection of wax stubs and broken tapers probably contain all of the dye you will need. There is another source of wholesale candle making supplies, however, that we mentioned only briefly above: natural plant material. Steep beets, coffee grounds, curry powder, herbs, onion skins, or tea in melted wax to create natural caramel colors. Try other vegetable materials to produce pastel colors for your luminaries.


Wholesale candle making supplies don’t have to be purchased. With creativity, initiative, and a little soap and water, you can save money on most of what you need. Remember, the fact that we call them wholesale candle making supplies does not mean they can never be free or nearly free. They can!