3 PR Tips You Can Take From The Golden State Warriors

Are you an Oakland Bay Area business or nonprofit? Or, are you based elsewhere? Regardless, any company founder launching a DIY PR campaign or ramping up with an agency, can look to the remarkable Golden State Warriors to glean a few PR tips for your campaign. It doesn’t matter how extensive or not your public relations plan, what’s important is to use a variety of PR activities to make it effective over the long haul. Some are better for specific types of campaigns and clients than others. For example, using Pinterest or Instagram as the foundation for socializing your emerging clothing brand is a smart use of your social media strategy. But let’s say you’re representing a conventional brand associated with a older, longer-term customer base within the financial industry for example, then administering a customer survey to unearth quantitative data is a much more advantageous strategy. Clearly, different campaigns require different approaches but if there is one constant that applies across the board, it is: Perseverance. Which brings me to the Warriors.

I can’t say that I’m entirely sports literate, except the ability to intelligently discuss the game of tennis, baseball, and some aspects of ice hockey (and many aspects of the agonizing six years I endured as parent of a junior league ice hockey player) something I wouldn’t wish on my worst enemy, if I had one. But, I do know this much about professional basketball: it’s been 40 years since the Warriors won a significant NBA title. I also know it has taken the Warriors’s miraculous point guard Stephen Curry, tenacity and hard work leading his teammates to victory. Not to mention the extraordinary talent and sportsmanship of the entire team, making it possible for their success and ultimately for Curry to receive the NBA MVP distinction. Which brings me to three important PR tips to glean from Oaktown’s winningest team:

#1. Perseverance is everything. Never give up! The Warriors certainly didn’t and they regularly adjusted strategies along the way to create the perfect mix for a winning team. Regardless of whether if we’ll see Curry’s Warriors or James’s Cavaliers become the 2015 NBA champions, the Warriors have more than demonstrated perseverance throughout. There’s a lesson here for anyone responsible for managing digital PR programs, which proves persevering through insurmountable odds, reigns. In fact, if you’re planning on scoring big on your digital PR campaign, you can be the MVP of your business or organization’s campaigns as long as you avoid becoming disheartened by unanswered emails and calls. Even if your particular digital PR campaign is revisiting a third-round pitching effort and reaping little response and ostensibly no interest, there is always the option of rethinking your strategy as you go. Who say’s you have to stick with the original plan? You don’t. It may appear daunting, but by taking a few steps back to brainstorm a new approach and a slightly different angle, you can improve the PR trajectory in your favor. For example, take stock of any new industry stats, craft a few relevant quotes attributable to your company founder, or capture 15 compelling seconds of video feed to freshen up your pitching process; but remember when all else fails, persevere and delve deeper to discover a fresh new idea.

#2. Slamdunk the Content. Ah, there’s nothing like a full-throttle play with seconds left in the game. You know how it goes: just after face off, there’s a heated one-on-one exchange, leading one player to maneuver the ball from his opponent in a breakaway ending in a climactic slam dunk. 2015 NBA Finalist Golden State Warriors demonstrated these scenarios play-after-play, game after game throughout the 2014-2015 season. Each play seemingly choreographed to define what is well executed basketball, evident every dribble of the way up and down the court.Ditto for your PR strategy, minus the basketball metaphors. Think about your content as blog articles, video feed, survey data, or images, and infographics. Consider content as a crucial component in your PR arsenal; something you’ll need to select wisely and then use strategically. For Oakland Bay Area businesses and nonprofits looking to increase awareness about their services, widgets, or programs, there’s no better way to set your self apart than using content. It’s a slamdunk!

#3. Engage your Fan Base. Last week, I visited my auto insurance representative’s office. As I entered, I was immediately struck by the blue and gold Warrior-wear everywhere! I found businessmen and businesswomen wearing Warrior caps, jerseys… you name it! I soon learned, it was “Warriors Day.” How cool is that!In PR, there’s nothing more viral than enthusiastic support for your business that comes from your customers and clients. In other words: your fans! Anytime fans advocate for you without being cajoled or paid to do so, you know you’re on to something. Although it wasn’t difficult finding reason to rally around the Warriors this season, I’d bet the Warrior’s PR team played a major part behind the scenes keeping Warriors fans connected and engaged throughout the season on its social channels. You too can spark interest among your customers like an NBA wonder by creating a well thought out Twitter campaign, or by using other platforms to keep your fans excited and talking about you!

Montego Bay, Jamaica – The Ultimate Vacation Destination

Affectionately known as the second city, Montego Bay is the capital of St. James, one of the country’s fourteen parishes. Birthplace of Sam Sharp who is one of Jamaica’s national heroes, Montego Bay boasts a rich historical heritage which is reflected in its architecture, atmosphere and people. Home of the Greatest Reggae show on earth, Reggae Sumfest and one of the country’s two international airports, The Sangster International Airport, Montego Bay is destined to be your perfect vacation spot.
Richly endowed with white sand beaches such as Sandals, Holiday Inn, Aqua Sol and The Ritz Carlton, Montego Bay offers the ultimate avenue for relaxation when in the island on vacation or just visiting on business. The ease and convenience of shopping at the craft village and the variety of shopping centers makes bringing home a souvenir of your visit to the beautiful land of woof and water a joy.

Nightlife in the second city will leave even its locals in awe; with clubs such as Margaritaville, The Brewery and of course “Pier Pressure” at Pier One on Fridays, along with a delightful blend of other clubs that are guaranteed to have you screaming as if you were at a rock concert.
Hungry? Well why wait? The city is home to sumptuous and spicy jerk chicken and jerk pork which can be had at Scotchie’s, Jerky’s or The Pork Pit. Need fast food? “No problem” have it your way right a way at Burger King with four locations in the city and if your crave is just for fried chicken that will make you say “finger lickin good” then KFC is just what the doctor ordered with 2 locations in the city.

Need fine dinning? Yeah man! We have that too. Take the family or a group of friends to The Pelican or Nyam N Jam where there is a variety of meals to be had, both international and local that will have you over indulging and possibly have you lost in island splendor.

Dishes to Order

Ackee and saltfish (National dish)
Curry chicken and white rice
Curry Goat and white rice
Roasted Breadfruit with Curried Chicken

The Hip Strip

Known by the locals as the street that never sleeps, Glouster Avenue is affectionately called the “Hip Strip”, is the ultimate hang out spot in Montego Bay. Whether for accommodations, leisure, dinning, shopping, gaming or just for site seeing. The Hip Strip offers something for all its visitors. In the daytime with temperatures of 96 degrees Celsius in the shade, the Hip Strip offers water sports at Magaritaville and Aqua Sol Theme Park and if you’re really hot, go for a swin at Doctor’s Cave Beach. The Hip Strip also offers a scenice view of the ocean while you chill out and watch the sun leave footprints across the sky. At nights, get your groove on at Margaritaville or the Coral Cliff Gaming Lounge, where you are kept entertained by a variety of music which goes from Dancehall to Regggae and Soca, that will have you dancing all night.

Sites to See
Rosehall Great House
The Civic Centre
Sam Sharp Square

Five Surprising Ways To Pair Craft Beer With Food

As long as there has been a meal on the table, there has also been the need to have an accompanying beverage on hand. While the ins and outs of what is on the menu have changed over the course of time, right now, the hottest beverage around is craft beer. The small-batch, hand-crafted, detail-oriented world of craft beer has not only drawn many admirers of great beer, it has also piqued the interest of foodies the world over regarding the possible pairings that could be made with their favorite foods.

It’s easy to see why the idea of pairing a good craft beer with certain foods would be of intense interest. Think of craft beer in the same way you’d think of wine. In the same way that certain flavor notes in wine go really well with certain foods, so, too, does well-made beer.

Here are five beer and food pairings you should really take into consideration for your next get-together:

Golden Ale – These light ales are easy to drink and have a balanced taste, making them a perfect pairing with foods that are pretty familiar. Burgers, brats, and Mexican cuisine are safe bets for a killer beer/food combination.

Dark Red Ale – You’ve now moved into some more exotic flavors, but you’re still dealing with a mild, roasted flavor that has both a dose of American hops and Belgian yeast. This beer moves between flavors & styles, which would make it a nice choice when working with spicy foods and even tangy cheeses.

Chocolate-based Stout – A stout beer with chocolate notes is not about to be tame and somewhat subdued. You’re looking at a beer that aims to be noticed. A robust flavor from deeply roasted barley lingers, which goes really well with roasted foods (think root vegetables) and even desserts with more pronounced flavors.

Wit – A Belgian-style wheat beer, a wit is subtle in its spices and its citrus base allows for a refreshing citrus profile to emerge. This is the type of beer that many people wish they had discovered years before because it carries all of the flavor profiles of great beer with a certain “lightness” that makes it easy to enjoy. It goes great with vegetarian dishes, light soups, seafood, and sushi.

American IPA – American IPA combines malt, citrus, and the floral notes of American hops, balancing flavors that figuratively set your taste buds on fire. That said, you have quite an interesting array of foods that can go with this particular beverage. Spicy dishes from all corners of the globe are fair game, as are more tried-and-true snacks like salty & fried foods more familiar to your average beer drinker. Curries are also a very worthwhile option.

Craft beer, much like modern art, can be daunting to the person who is not so sure stepping away from their usual adult beverage of choice is the best idea. However, when you realize how much fun it can be to explore the cuisine of the world with a frosty drink in hand, you might just wish you’d discovered craft beer earlier. So, indulge in the goodness (and plentiful options) that is craft beer, and enjoy your next meal with a cold one.

South African Travel Tips when visiting Kwazulu-Natal

The Kwazulu-NatalProvince is a holidaymaker’s sub-tropical, beach and mountain paradise, the Kingdom of the Zulu has something for everyone set in magnificent natural beauty. Coast-to-coast the beaches and quaint villages attract sun worshippers who are drawn to the warm Indian ocean and all the pleasures it affords. Outdoor enthusiasts love to explore the two World Heritage sites, the uKhahlamba-Drakensberg Park and the Greater St Lucia Wetland Park, as well as the game parks and famous battlefields. Diverse cultures, from the San bushmen with their rock art, Zulu villagers with their fearsome warriors and colourful dancing maidens, Griqua trekkers with their pioneering spirit and Indian restaurateurs with their hot, sought-after curries, enrich the province with a wide variety of experiences to be had. With all this on its doorstep, it is no wonder that Durban has become the top convention destination in Africa – a veritable antithesis of the all work, no play philosophy.


Coastal areas enjoy a sub-tropical climate with sunshine year round, although rain storms can occur in summer. The humidity is lower in June and July, making it ideal times to visit. Weather is also warm and sunny for most of the year in the Drakensberg, but in winter night time temperatures can drop below freezing and snowfalls are not uncommon. At Sodwana Bay, a world-class diving destination, conditions are good throughout the year, but best from April through to September. Water temperatures here are usually above 20 degrees Celsius and in summer can reach 29 degrees Celsius. The Midlands is a summer rain fall area with warm, sunny summers and cold winters, with night time temperatures dropping below zero in parts.


Shopping is an elevated activity in KZN with entire routes dedicated to this pleasure. The Midlands Meander offers a wide variety of arts and crafts including pottery, sculptures and leather-work, ideally interspersed with stops at cosy inns for a taste of country fare and home-made brews with names like ‘Pickled Pig’ or ‘Pie Eyed Possum’. Ethnic Zulu pieces on the beaches, cultural villages and curio centres e.g. the Workshop include intricate beadwork, wood carvings, baskets and pottery. In Durban, the choices vary from luxury shopping mall merchandise to downtown Indian markets where you’ll find the best curry spices in the country and quality African craft items at the African Art Centre at Tourist Junction. Also visit the Heritage Market in Hillcrest for more local goods. Other places to shop include: Point Waterfront Fleamarket, The Pavillion, Gateway Theatre of Shopping, La Lucia Mall.



Park A gigantic mountain range filled with eco treasures, this World Heritage Site also has outstanding cultural properties in the approx. 6000 San rock art sites showing the earliest specimens of rock art where colour and dimension were introduced. Many endemic and threatened species can be found here e.g. the Bearded Vulture and unique alpine vegetation occurs. Well-marked trails make the area a hiker’s paradise, other ideal outdoor activities include fly-fishing, rock-climbing, mountain biking, ice climbing, abseiling, paragliding, horseriding and 4×4 trails. Don’t miss the famous Amphitheatre, Cathedral Peak, Giant’s Castle, the second highest waterfall in the world – the Thukela Falls and the majestic Mnweni Valley in the north to central area. In the south, find 26 peaks that are higher than 10,000 feet (3050m).

Greater St Lucia Wetland:

Park A World Heritage Site that is one of the last remaining sub-tropical areas containing its original diverse components of wild plants and animals. Five interlinked ecosystems can be found including a marine system, coastal dune system, lake systems, swamps and an inland system of ancient shoreline terraces and dry savannah. Don’t miss whale watching and also visit Sodwana Bay, a world-class diving destination also popular with fishermen. Here the rare ‘fossil’ fish, the ceolacanth, thought to be extinct, was recently captured on video.

Durban & surrounds:

South Africa’s third-largest city, Durban is Africa’s most successful convention destination and its ‘Golden Mile’ beachfront offer magnificent swimming beaches and sports facilities. Apart from this, the city’s cultural mix offers excellent entertainment and shopping, from energetic Zulu dances to the famous hot Indian curries. Try a traditional rickshaw ride while exploring.

The Midlands:

Often compared with the Midlands in England, this area comprises wide open areas of green hills, lush pastures and extensive forests. Follow the Midlands Meander, a world-class arts & crafts cottage industry along a well-organised route and don’t miss Howick Falls. Ideal for outdoor activities including whitewater rafting, also features top sports events e.g. the Midmar Mile – the world’s biggest inland swimming race.

South Coast:

A string of small holiday towns cater for fun-lovers all year round. Excellent conditions for bathing, surfing, fishing, scuba diving and dolphin and whale watching. Also known for its golf holidays with over 12 golf courses.

North Coast:

Sea-side resorts set in King Shaka territory, famous for its bottle-nose dolphins. Ideal for bathing, surfing, skin and scuba diving, rock and skiboat fishing or exploring the rock pools.

Zululand’s Game Parks:

The biggest concentration of game parks in the province, with the big bushveld game reserves of Mkuze and Hluhluwe-Umfolozi main attractions. Apart from Big 5 game viewing (lion, buffalo, rhino, leopard and elephant), the reserves are also renowned for its birds, especially Mkhuze, hippo, crocodiles and giraffe. While in the area, don’t miss one of the traditional Zulu villages; in some you can even sleep over in beehive huts. In September, the annual Royal Reed Dance at the Royal Residency of King Goodwill Zwelithini in Nongoma must not be missed.

The Battlefields:

Rich in history, this province features the largest concentration of Boer, British and Zulu battlefields in southern Africa. Numerous sites and routes can be explored with Isandlwana, Rorke’s Drift, Majuba, Spioenkop, Thalana and Blood River main battle sites that will be brought alive by the stories of a specialist tour guide.

Valley of 1000 Hills:

Starting approx. half an hour’s drive from Durban, a tourist route of craft shops, restaurants and magnificent scenery can be explored. Highlights include the PheZulu Safari Park for its Zulu warrior dancing, ethnic curios, bush drives, sangomas, crocodile and snake park; the 3-hour Choo Choo Train trip through the valley on the last Sunday of every month and the On Air raptor display, where you can watch raptors fly over the valley demonstrating their hunting techniques.